Hungry for Victory: Why I Enjoy Vanguard

I looked back and realized that I’ve spent most of my time playing Underworlds this year in different formats than normal. I would definitely say that Championship format is where my passion lies, but with very few events happening, my motivation to practice the format has been pretty low. That coupled with the fact thatContinue reading “Hungry for Victory: Why I Enjoy Vanguard”

Dominon of Death: Why Mournflight Can Do It All

I’ve spent some time going over playstyles in many articles and I think it’s clear that most warbands have a default playstyle that is the most synergistic with the warband’s cards and stats. A lot of the factors that make warbands strong in a given meta are a combination of the natural strengths of aContinue reading “Dominon of Death: Why Mournflight Can Do It All”

The Hunt Advances: Khagra’s Universal Cards

I want to set the universals on fire, feel them burn tonight…not really, as they’re just made of paper. As I sit down to start writing this (the day before the cards will actually be in my hands) I’m left with a moment of sadness. I realize that I haven’t opened my physical Underworlds kitContinue reading “The Hunt Advances: Khagra’s Universal Cards”

Ritual Desecration: Khagra’s Ravagers

It’s been really nice to have our sketched out road map of the Direchasm season releases. This has led to a slower release of warbands, bringing new cards and a slightly different meta that will change slightly each month, rather than having four distinct longer periods each season. I really like this as it forcesContinue reading “Ritual Desecration: Khagra’s Ravagers”

Pursuit of Excellence: Online Clash VI

The first larger competitive event in Direchasm has now come and gone. With the shards of amberbone spreading across a silent battlefield, we can now go back and look at the aftermath of the initial skirmishes and see what historians will talk about until the next meta breaks. Meta Thoughts Now, those that are moreContinue reading “Pursuit of Excellence: Online Clash VI”

Feed The Beastgrave: Season 3 Universal Breakdown

Happy New Year! I had hoped to get this article out a couple weeks ago, but work intensified right before Xmas and I’ve was taking time post-Xmas with my family. And frankly, I’ve been so tired of staring at a screen after work, it’s been hard to sit and write. So, this isn’t an articleContinue reading “Feed The Beastgrave: Season 3 Universal Breakdown”

Aggressive Strategy: The Aggro Playstyle

Welcome to the first in my article set in which I discuss the various playstyles, break down the styles of cards that fit within them, and talk about what it gains by flexing into the other styles. These are articles that I’ll consider enduring, as they are more about the definitions, rather than the examples.Continue reading “Aggressive Strategy: The Aggro Playstyle”

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