Ferocious Resistance: June 2021 FAR and Errata Review

Well, after a long 7 months since the last one, we have finally received a new forsaken and restricted list (along with an errata that pairs along with it)! This is a shakeup that has been sorely needed and here’s my quick TLDR; it’s a wonderful list that will bring a solid change to theContinue reading “Ferocious Resistance: June 2021 FAR and Errata Review”

Savage Soldier: Why the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Meta is Beaten by my FLEX! (Featuring Kaptain Murder)

Welcome to a very special episode of Set the Tempo. Today, I’ve got a guest writer from my local scene: Derek AKA Kaptain Murder. I’ve been lucky enough to learn the ins and outs of this game from him and I know playing him has made me a better player. As he says “Mithril sharpensContinue reading “Savage Soldier: Why the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Meta is Beaten by my FLEX! (Featuring Kaptain Murder)”

Maddening Cackle: Online Clash VIII

Our latest event breakdown comes after we’ve got all the Direchasm warbands released. Now, we’ve got three more warbands (along with the Silent Menace Deck) to change the field. However, there still hasn’t been a FAQ or FAR to help with the game balance. Let’s dig into the event. Meta Thoughts The game has hadContinue reading “Maddening Cackle: Online Clash VIII”

Fevered Beat: Underworlds, The Soundtrack

I would define myself as primarly a narrative gamer, honestly. Outside of Underworlds, my partner and I have a board game collection of around 200 games, with probably around 60% of those being fully cooperative titles. Underworlds has been my main competitive gaming outlet, but I still maintain some of my narrative flair. When I’mContinue reading “Fevered Beat: Underworlds, The Soundtrack”

Tale of Victory: Tips to be a Better Opponent

Today I wanted to spend a bit of time talking through some quick tips on how to be a better opponent. Sportspersonship is an important topic in this competitive game. We want to make sure everyone has a fun time, win or lose. Here are some tips that I’ve found work really well to helpContinue reading “Tale of Victory: Tips to be a Better Opponent”

Bristling With Weapons: Weapon Upgrades and Their Evolution

Spending time reviewing each set of cards as they come out has really made me consider things differently. When I was rating Soultooth Dagger and Tremendous Maul from the Crimson Court expansion, I drew strong comparisons to older weapons like Shadeglass Dagger and Mutating Maul. It made me really think about thze way that theContinue reading “Bristling With Weapons: Weapon Upgrades and Their Evolution”

Turned Tables: Ironsoul’s Condemnors

With a flash of lightning, Gwynne Ironsoul and her Condemnors smash into the battlefield in search of glory. Let’s see if they found any. The Warband Now, normally I’d do this style of breakdown for a review, but I really want to break down the things I’ve learned about each fighter. There’s some strengths andContinue reading “Turned Tables: Ironsoul’s Condemnors”

Hunger for Success: Community Feedback Poll

Hello all! I published my main article earlier this week with my Silent Menace deck review, but I do like to keep up on my normal schedule, so I wanted to drop something. Today, I’d love to get some feedback on my content and some thoughts on what you want to see more of! I’mContinue reading “Hunger for Success: Community Feedback Poll”

Hypnotic Buzz: Silent Menace Universal Deck Review

I’ll be honest. There have been a lot of releases lately. I mean too many to keep up with. I was already feeling behind as I have yet to review the Starter Set. And now, only weeks later, the Madmob and this new deck come out too. I’ll be wrapping around on the three warbandsContinue reading “Hypnotic Buzz: Silent Menace Universal Deck Review”

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