Armed to the Teeth: 50 Shades of Aggro

I was thinking the other day about granularity in how we characterize playstyles. Specifically, I was considering what makes different Aggro warbands work. I realized that while we would call a number of decks and playstyles Aggro, that there are significant differences in how a variety of warbands would play. As a companion piece toContinue reading “Armed to the Teeth: 50 Shades of Aggro”

Lessons Learned: Arena Mortis 2 & Alternative Game Modes

We’ve now had our second Arena Mortis set release at the end of season four. It’s a format that GW has shown to want to support and build up in the Underworlds scene. The Beastgrave release made such an interesting splash on the game that I wanted to take a look at this new setContinue reading “Lessons Learned: Arena Mortis 2 & Alternative Game Modes”

Mask of the Silent People: The History of Upgrade Sets

Since the dawn of time Shadespire, we’ve seen a devisive design choice pop up through our upgrade cards. This has been something that has had major ramifications on our game, the meta in each season and the way that many players have looked at the game, for better or worse. Today, I want to breakdownContinue reading “Mask of the Silent People: The History of Upgrade Sets”

Spirit of Gorkamorka: A Guide to the Madmob Featuring Compak

Welcome to another Very Special™ article from Set The Tempo. I’m really excited to have Graham Schwikkard aka Compak on the blog this week. I met Graham originally at the final table of Vassal Clash III, where he was playing Thorns of the Briar Queen against my Rippa’s Snarlfangs. I’ve described the match as myContinue reading “Spirit of Gorkamorka: A Guide to the Madmob Featuring Compak”

Didn’t Even Want It: Why Some Objectives Are Unplayable

Recently I was asked by Robin of the Agents of Sigmar to write an article about everyone’s favourite objective card: Didn’t Even Want It. It was a card that scored you one glory in an end phase if your opponent was controlling objective token number one. Not only was this a low reward, it wasContinue reading “Didn’t Even Want It: Why Some Objectives Are Unplayable”

Endless Revel: A Direchasm Retrospective on the Dread Pageant

I was recently asked what my favourite warband of the Direchasm season was, and my answer had to be the Dread Pageant. While they aren’t perfect or a “forever” warband for me, in my mind they will define my experience of this past year. Today, I wanted to spend some time musing on my experiences,Continue reading “Endless Revel: A Direchasm Retrospective on the Dread Pageant”

Desperate Caution: Do I Go First or Second?

One of the decisions that comes up often during games of Underworlds is the binary choice of going first or second. It’s a decision that you will have to make multiple times in each match. To excel at the game, it’s important to know how and why you’re going to choose first or second. Let’sContinue reading “Desperate Caution: Do I Go First or Second?”

Magical Mark: Underworlds and Magic: The Gathering

In my University days, I used to play a lot of Magic: the Gathering. I mean too much, honestly. It was my first competitive game that I ever played (and really only one of three including Underworlds). In the end, there were a number of reasons that I did stop playing the game. However, whenContinue reading “Magical Mark: Underworlds and Magic: The Gathering”

Feast and Famine: What To Do After All The Cards Are Out

All of the Direchasm season has come, unless we happen to get some sort of season ending card pack (which I’m unsure of, since we did get the Silent Menace deck). With the frenetic pace of releases done and gone, there’s always been a summer lull between seasons of Underworlds. Given that we’d expect SeasonContinue reading “Feast and Famine: What To Do After All The Cards Are Out”

Meticulous Strategy: The Control Playstyle

As a third piece to my playstyle series, today we’re going to explore the last of the major three playstyles, Control. We’ll look at warband choice, the factors that allow for the style and cards that fit in. I feel that this is the hardest style to both define and play, as it’s really nebulousContinue reading “Meticulous Strategy: The Control Playstyle”

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