Not Lost: A November Update

Hello everyone in the Underworlds-verse! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten an article out, so I wanted to write an update about what’s been happening for me with Underworlds, hobby and life. Away we go! Underworlds I’ve been playing some Championship games with my Truthseekers deck from my previous article on it. It’sContinue reading “Not Lost: A November Update”

Superior Skulkers: Cover, Gloom and Defensive Math

I’ve been thinking about the state of the game and how hold objective play has changed with the new rules of the Harrowdeep season. There’s been a lot of worry about how the tokens starting out on the Gloom side makes the playstyle weaker. As I was thinking about the effect of Cover and Gloom,Continue reading “Superior Skulkers: Cover, Gloom and Defensive Math”

Bearing Sigmar’s Light: My First Truthseekers Deck

I’m bringing you my first Harrowdeep article by doing something different today; walking you through my initial deck build on my chosen warband for the season: Xandire’s Truthseekers. The recent article regarding Warband Relationship Theory was very inspired by a conversation around finding a warband to sink yourself into. Well, this season, I’ll be StormcastContinue reading “Bearing Sigmar’s Light: My First Truthseekers Deck”

Bring It On: Underworlds and Competition by Compak

Hello again! I’ve been getting myself primed for Harrowdeep and getting ready for the upcoming warband and card releases. But today’s article comes from Graham, AKA Compak who was most recently on this blog discussing Madmob. He’s got some thoughts to share about the competitiveness of Underworlds. In defense of UW / Why UW isContinue reading “Bring It On: Underworlds and Competition by Compak”

Cunning Paths: How to Spend Your Restricted Slots

Aptly, this article is coming close to the end of the Direchasm season. It’s been on my list for a bit, but I was thinking about it as I separated out my Beastgrave cards in preparation for rotation. Once the Beastgrave set of cards leaves Championship play, we will be only left with one forsakenContinue reading “Cunning Paths: How to Spend Your Restricted Slots”

Live by the Code: Online Clash IX

As we’ve started to see Harrowdeep in all its glory, it looks like the tournament held on September 18/19 will be the final major tournament of the Direchasm season. Unfortunately, the season saw no official Grand Clashes, due to the pandemic, but we can still look to events like this to get our major competitiveContinue reading “Live by the Code: Online Clash IX”

Driven by Envy: Warband Relationship Therapy (featuring Beardarm)

Welcome again to another guest article! Today, I’m excited to introduce David Lancaster AKA Beardarm. Dave is a local player to me (well, a three hour drive, which is close here in the great white north). He’s one of the players I’ve had the most reps with and is always a blast to play. I’veContinue reading “Driven by Envy: Warband Relationship Therapy (featuring Beardarm)”

Armed to the Teeth: 50 Shades of Aggro

I was thinking the other day about granularity in how we characterize playstyles. Specifically, I was considering what makes different Aggro warbands work. I realized that while we would call a number of decks and playstyles Aggro, that there are significant differences in how a variety of warbands would play. As a companion piece toContinue reading “Armed to the Teeth: 50 Shades of Aggro”

Lessons Learned: Arena Mortis 2 & Alternative Game Modes

We’ve now had our second Arena Mortis set release at the end of season four. It’s a format that GW has shown to want to support and build up in the Underworlds scene. The Beastgrave release made such an interesting splash on the game that I wanted to take a look at this new setContinue reading “Lessons Learned: Arena Mortis 2 & Alternative Game Modes”

Mask of the Silent People: The History of Upgrade Sets

Since the dawn of time Shadespire, we’ve seen a devisive design choice pop up through our upgrade cards. This has been something that has had major ramifications on our game, the meta in each season and the way that many players have looked at the game, for better or worse. Today, I want to breakdownContinue reading “Mask of the Silent People: The History of Upgrade Sets”

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