Wrested Dominance: Musings on Warband Selection

As we’re getting close to the next Online Clash (April 17-18, 2021), I wanted to spend some time focusing on warband choices. I want to dive into some strategies behind making your warband selection and the potential results of those choices. I think it’s one of the most important initial decisions to make as youContinue reading “Wrested Dominance: Musings on Warband Selection”

Master of Spoils: Three Ways to be a Proactive Player

Today I’d like to talk about something that I feel is really important to developing strong Underworlds skills: being a proactive player. Building this skill will help you analyze the game state, make better decisions and get more confident with your play. Focusing on being more proactive is a good way to add another layerContinue reading “Master of Spoils: Three Ways to be a Proactive Player”

The Great Plan: The Starblood Stalkers

The Seraphon break into the Direchasm season at last! And with their appearance they herald a few changes from the rest of the season so far. The first non-four fighter warband. The first traditionally “hold three” objectives warband. Also dinosaurs. I’ve been really excited to see how they work, as objective play as we knewContinue reading “The Great Plan: The Starblood Stalkers”

Turned Tables: A Series Exploring “Weaker” Warbands

Welcome to my new series, Turned Tables! This will be a multi-part series where I’ll be playing a variety of so called “weaker” warbands over a number of months and seeing what I can accomplish. I wanted to take some time today to go through the premise, how I’ll be working through the project andContinue reading “Turned Tables: A Series Exploring “Weaker” Warbands”

Adaptive Strategy: The Objective Playstyle

Here is my second part of my playstyle breakdown series. As a refresh, this series is meant to be a lasting look at the factors that make the Objective playstyle work, how to break it down and how to pick a warband. To date the article, this was written after the Ravagers release, but beforeContinue reading “Adaptive Strategy: The Objective Playstyle”

Hungry for Victory: Why I Enjoy Vanguard

I looked back and realized that I’ve spent most of my time playing Underworlds this year in different formats than normal. I would definitely say that Championship format is where my passion lies, but with very few events happening, my motivation to practice the format has been pretty low. That coupled with the fact thatContinue reading “Hungry for Victory: Why I Enjoy Vanguard”

Dominon of Death: Why Mournflight Can Do It All

I’ve spent some time going over playstyles in many articles and I think it’s clear that most warbands have a default playstyle that is the most synergistic with the warband’s cards and stats. A lot of the factors that make warbands strong in a given meta are a combination of the natural strengths of aContinue reading “Dominon of Death: Why Mournflight Can Do It All”

The Hunt Advances: Khagra’s Universal Cards

I want to set the universals on fire, feel them burn tonight…not really, as they’re just made of paper. As I sit down to start writing this (the day before the cards will actually be in my hands) I’m left with a moment of sadness. I realize that I haven’t opened my physical Underworlds kitContinue reading “The Hunt Advances: Khagra’s Universal Cards”

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