Not Lost: A November Update

Hello everyone in the Underworlds-verse! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten an article out, so I wanted to write an update about what’s been happening for me with Underworlds, hobby and life. Away we go!


I’ve been playing some Championship games with my Truthseekers deck from my previous article on it. It’s been pretty rough going. Usually I’ve found that I lose one fighter in round one (Xandire usually dies first…) and get tabled by the start of round three. They’ve been a hard warband to play Aggro with as they don’t gain much damage through the game naturally. I made the mistake of using Luxa’s reaction post-kill when uninspired a number of times, so watch out for that one! Other than that, I’ve found it enjoyable to have a toolbox of fighters with having to adapt my game around which one dies first. Taros when inspired gets surprisingly accurate (and defensible) when within two hexes of Luxa.

For some battle report style action, check out the latest What the Hex?! podcast where I was a guest! It was a content creator showdown where we both took our V1 decks as built on our respective platforms and dueled. I had a complete and utter blast playing and recording. Please check it out and listen for all our insights on our decks and a walkthrough of our match. Thanks again to Phil and Davy for having me!

I’ve got my Kainan’s and Soulraid decks all ready to go in my bag for some Rivals action though. Can’t wait to play with the beautiful miniatures my wife painted. Although, on a local note, I’ll be honest, it’s been hard to find regular games lately. I’ll get to why my schedule is more limiting in the life section below. We’ve had a much smaller local scene since even before the pandemic and it’s been hard to get events off the ground. We’ve tried some new player style events and haven’t had much success. The struggle I’m having is that I’m pretty burnt out due to screen fatigue from work. Which makes online play (and even writing this blog) much more challenging. I’ve always used the online style of the game to supplement my physical play so I’ve found it really challenging when I can’t play with the models, cards and dice. Hopefully things pick up down the road!


Within the overall gaming hobby, I haven’t been dormant. I’ve been spending a lot of time painting up my Stormcast Eternals army. I’ve always collected a few Stormcast here and there as they are the reason I was ever interested in Warhammer, but never took the plunge to assemble an army. Dominion and the 3rd edition changes to AoS made it easy to get into. I’ve been having a lot of fun getting a full force done and painted in the same scheme. I’ve also been playing in a Path to Glory team league for narrative play where you slowly build up your armies and learn along the way. It’s been a fun way to get out every couple of weeks for a game. Here’s some pictures of my latest work!


Woo boy. Busy is a good term for this section. Between my job getting really busy over the last few months (which has been absolutely wonderful) and balancing life with two energetic children (six and four), it’s been kind of a treadmill lately. It’s hard enough to find time in our week for me to get out and game (with significant spousal guilt around leaving my wife alone with the inmates) let alone help build the community. I wish that I had a ton of time to be a great leader in my local scene, but since I only rarely get out, I need to get my gaming in. Thus my interest in AoS lately, as it’s been pretty easy to find games here in Calgary. Gaming is a significant release for me and a way to shed the stress and anxiety of daily life. With the uncertainty of getting Underworlds in, I’ve honestly struggled lately. It’s been a major part of my life that just seems to be gone now.

My wife and I tend to play cooperative games, so I’m still getting a lot of board games in. She got the Gargoyles board game this past week (based on the 90s TV series) and it’s a really fun puzzle. Other favourites lately include Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice, Horizon Zero Dawn board game, The Initiative and Chronicles of Drunagor.

Being burnt out on screens due to work really limits how I want to spend my time. I’m looking forward to having more time in the office as things open up more and more. I’ve found that video calls really exhaust me and weeks full of them make me want to stay off my computer, phone and gaming systems more and more. I’ve had a few days off and really haven’t wanted to do anything but read and build puzzles (and decorate for Xmas 😅).

Coming Up

With everything going on for me, I’m finding it hard to keep my regular cadence. I’m going to get articles out as I discover topics that inspire me to three smash and three damage write. But I’m not going to force it just to make a self-imposed deadline. So, while you may hear from me less on the blog, don’t hesitate to reach out. Send me a DM in Discord and let’s have a chat. I’d love to have some good conversation.

Honestly, I just thank you for listening today. One of our core values at work is “Radical Transparency” and I always try to be that way. I know many are struggling lately and if you just need someone to talk to, let me know! If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me at or on the Underworlds Discord channels as Matt ~ Set The Tempo. Take care and set your own tempo!

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