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Hello! I’m glad you joined me here! My name is Matt Penner, and I’m starting this brand new blog for Warhammer Underworlds, Set The Tempo. In this initial post, I wanted to present the concept for the blog and give you an introduction to who I am and why I want to rant words on the internets.

Warhammer Underworlds players tend to describe our decks as falling into one of three major playstyles: Aggro, Objective and Control. We also tend to define a mix of those playstyles in the broad “Flex” category. I think that we could use slightly more definition to really understand the meta. Aggro/Control is a way to describe Flex, and most Objective decks are actually Objective/Aggro. Take the diagram below:

Better get used to Venn diagrams…you’ll be seeing them a lot.

We’ve got the main three definitions of playstyle here: Aggro, Objective and Control, but we have four other spaces in the diagram. These are the definitions I really want to explore on this blog. There’s the space between Aggro and Control, defined as Aggro/Control (if Aggro is the main type and Control second). Similarly, there would be the Objective/Aggro style which I would immediately think of Thorns of the Briar Queen. We’re going to focus on holding three objectives with Chainrasps, but also tool up the Queen with Great Strength and Inescapable Vengeance so that we can threaten the opponents models. Aggro/Objective would make me think of Blade Coven. I want to focus on killing the opponents models to inspire and score objectives such as Perfect Kill, but will also be scoring Hidden Purpose and Path to Victory by holding two objectives.

I want to take these definitions one step further and instead of solely concentrating on a warband’s “defined” playstyle or a deck, I want to define specific cards into playstyle, so that I can analyze the specific breakdown of a deck’s cards. Can we still call the Grymwatch decks from early Beastgrave as pure Objective? Sure they ran only Objective objectives (seriously, I wish those words weren’t the same), but their Upgrades were almost all Aggro and Control cards…

There’s also cards that are around that don’t fit really into any of these playstyles (they live in the intersections as above). Cover Ground for example is primarly used to charge at an opponent and move six hexes. But why can’t one of the Mournflight score it while on the way to an objective? It’s not really an Aggro card, because it doesn’t require you to charge. Gathered Momentum will usually live in Aggro because it does.

So, to recap, I’m going to take a look at playstyles, how they are performing in events, what winning or interesting decks have as their breakdown and why that works, the things that new releases add to these styles and defining the new cards. I may also just ramble on with thoughts of what I’m finding interesting at any given point. I expect to have an article up every two weeks, but it could be more often if I get excited. Which I’ve been known to do.


These are some good bois.

As I stated above, my name is Matt. I’m a Warhammer Underworlds player from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Here’s how I got into the game. I used to play Magic the Gathering when I was in University. Too much. After a while I got sick of the collecting nature, opening boosters, etc. and stopped playing. When I eventually met my wife, Alex, we started getting into board games. At this point, we probably have close to 200 board games.

From there, she got into miniature painting. We used to walk by the Games Workshop store and covet the expensive miniatures that we had no use for. In no way was I going to invest in an AoS army. Then Shadespire came out. I thought it looked so cool and as much as I love Stormcast, my wife hated the look of the Reavers. Then Nightvault was announced. Filled with my lovely Stormcast and some beautiful Nighthaunt models for Alex. I finally was able to convince her. We preordered the core box. Between the time that I preordered and when it was released, we ended up in another game shop. And bought Farstriders for me and Spiteclaw’s Swarm for her. It had started. We played between the two of us and one friend for a few months until we saw that a glass tournament was coming up. These were our first games not against each other, and I placed 4th out of 11 and got myself some sweet green acrylic charge tokens. I was hooked.

I’m now over two years into playing this amazing game and I’ve had some great experiences. Playing as part of a great local scene. Taking my first Shadeglass Trophy. Getting a chance to go to LVO. Winning an online clash this year. And finally taking down the Alberta Classic Grand Clash. It’s been a great ride.

A few random tidbits to end this section. My favourite warband is Rippa’s Snarlfangs. I’ve played way too many games with them, and they are always fun. My favourite board is Penitent’s Throne. I use the Beastgrave Grand Clash dice, the Wild Hunt dice or the Thundrik Profiteers dice (because they match the gold and purple colour I have all my Stormcast painted in). I have a wonderful wife, Alex (who’s favourite warband is Lady Harrow’s Mournflight) and two children ages 5 and 2.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! If you want to contact me with questions or ideas, feel free to flip me an email at setthetempoblog@gmail.com.

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