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NetherMeta Early Calls

Kablooie! Insert Michael Bay explosion here! What a few weeks we’ve had!  Three new warbands!  80 new universal cards!  A new rulebook!  A new FAR!  It’s been a lot to process. Now I’m not here to review individual warbands or cards. Other bloggers and podcasters have done a great job of that. I’m here toContinue reading “NetherMeta Early Calls”

Battle at Bugmans

Warhammer Underworld Rivals+ Tournament report Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at a tournament report and I realised I’m really bad at remembering to take photos at setup. Furthermore, I’ve got a newborn in the house so I’m not sure I even get the sleep you need to convert short term memory to long termContinue reading “Battle at Bugmans”

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